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When you think of landscaping, you usually think of lush green shrubbery and colorful flowers. Yet, soil, mulch, and compost are necessary elements to complete any landscaping project. You can find this at Jeff Collins Stone & Landscape Supply.

Get the materials to finish your landscaping project


Here, you'll find an extensive array of soil, mulch, and compost to fit your particular outdoor project. Call us and get helpful advice on which material would work best for you. You'll see why we have so many satisfied customers -- whether homeowners or contractors -- all over the country.

Get your soil, mulch and compost from your #1 source

 •  Top soil

 •  Premium Garden Soil

 •  Natural double ground mulch

 •  Colored mulch

•  Mushroom compost


Fast delivery within the Hudson Valley & beyond

Compost -- a key element in sustainable farming -- is organic aged leaves  decomposed and full of nutrients for your garden.


 • Enriches soil

 • Helps prevent pollution

 • Helps the economy

 • And more!

Call or email us today to find out about our large inventory!

Soil, mulch and more

The many benefits of compost

Whether you live in the Hudson Valley area or beyond, you'll be pleased with the fast delivery and reliable service that we provide.


So what are you waiting for? Call us today, and place your order!

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